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Peru's Multicultural Cuisine

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The modern culinary landscape of Peru is defined by three distinct cuisines that have combined to create a style of cooking unlike any other in the world. At China Chilcano, the union of Peruvian Criollo, Chinese Chifa and Japanese Nikkei is an exciting journey into a world of exciting culinary juxtapositions.

a close up of a logo Criollo

Representing Spanish and West African influences, Criollo defines the entral traits of Peru’s palate, and the long-standing relationship the country has with its indigenous ingredients like aji peppers, potatoes, fruits and grains.

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a close up of a sign Chifa

The culinary foundations of China united with Peruvian flavors and ingredients are what define Chifa – the fusion of two vastly different countries, and an endlessly captivating combination of delicious aromas and tastes.

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A beautiful representation of Japan’s culinary style executed with Peruvian ingredients, Nikkei combines the delicate qualities of Japanese cuisine with a fresh and spicy punch of Peru.

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